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  • vulcanization accelerator nobs (mbs) (qualified product

    Vulcanization accelerator NOBS (MBS) (Qualified product

    Vulcanization accelerator NOBS (MBS) (Qualified product) by Shandong Stair Chemical & Technology is a non-toxic N-oxydiethylene-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide grade. It is used as a vulcanization accelerator. Vulcanization accelerator NOBS (MBS) (Qualified product) is suitable for use in tires, rubber pipes & shoes and convey belts.

  • nobs rubber accelerator, rubber accelerator nobs price

    nobs rubber accelerator, rubber accelerator nobs price

    Chemical Name: N-Oxydiethylene-2-benzothiazole sulfonamide structure: Molecular Formula: C 11 H 12 N 2 S 2 O Molecular Weight: 253.35 CAS NO: 102-77-2 Specification:

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    Accelerator -Henan GO Biotech Co.,Ltd

    Accelerator. All the products are beyond national standard, with daily quality control.

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    Chemical Name N-Oxydiethyl-2-benzthiazolsulfenamid Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C11H12N2S2O Molecular Weight 252 CAS# 102-77-2 Specifications GB/T 8829-2006 Item Specifications 1st grade Qualified Appearance Light yellow granules Initial Melting Point ()Min. 78.0 Final Melting Point ()Min. 80.0 Heat Loss % Max. 0.50 Free amines (%)Max. 0.50 Methanol insolubles (%)Max. 0.50 Purity

  • rubber vulcanizing accelerator nobs(mbs)

    Rubber Vulcanizing Accelerator NOBS(MBS)

    8.Properties: The industrial products are light yellow or orange yellow granular, the specific gravity is1.34~1.40, melting point is 80.0~90.0℃( For industrial products, it is above 78.0℃). Easily soluble in dichloromethane, acetone, soluble in benzene, carbon tetrachloride, acetic ether, slightly soluble in gasoline, insoluble in water.

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    Rubber Accelerator NOBS

    Konson Rubber Accelerator NOBS. Chemical Name N-Oxydiethyl-2-benzthiazolsulfenamid. Molecular Formula C 11 H 12 N 2 S 2 O. Molecular Weight 252. CAS# 102-77-2

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    Xinxiang Huarui Fine Chemical Co.,ltd Main product: Rubber antiscorching agent CTP (PVI), Chlorocyclohexane, Dicyclohxyldisulfide(DCDS), accelerator DTDM, NOBS(MBS), MBT(M), vulcanizing accelerator DCBS,antioxidant RD(TMQ) etc.

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    China Rubber Accelerator NOBS Manufacturer, Suppliers

    The accelerator NOBS is a post - active quick vulcanization accelerator.Usage is similar with the accelerator CZ, but the longer scorch time, safer operation, after reaching vulcanizing temperature (above 138 ℃), its role.This product is especially suitable for natural and synthetic rubber materials containing alkaline furnace black (such as ultra-abrasion resistant furnace black