Chemical Importer C15h15n Rubber Antioxidant Ble In Sri Lanka

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    Product name: ble Cas number: 68412ú¡48ú¡6 Specification: Appearance: puce sticky liquid Viscosity pa.S 2.5-7.0 Ash: 0.3% max Application: rubber antioxidant ble is a general anti-aging agent for rubber products.

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    Rubber Antioxidant BLE Chemical Name High temperature reaction product of dipheny lamine and acetone Molecular Formula C15H15N Molecular Weight 209.32 CAS No. 6267-02-3 Chemical Structure ...

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    Rubber Antioxidant A by Henan Kailun Chemicals Co., Ltd

    Rubber Antioxidant 4020 (6PPD) Commodity name: rubber antioxidant 4020(6ppd) Chemical name: n - ( 1, 3 - dimethylbutyl ) - n' - phenyl - p phenylenediamine Cas no.: 793-24-8 Quality standard: hg/t 3644-1999 Application: mainly used in manufacture of tires, rubber shoes and other rubber products Specification: Appearance dark purple pastilles.

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    Rubber Antioxidant by Hebei Bailu Chemical Co., Ltd

    Buy high quality Rubber Antioxidant by Hebei Bailu Chemical Co., Ltd. Supplier from China. Product Id 355286.

  • rubber antioxidant ble/cas no.: 6267-02-3|1,2,4

    Rubber Antioxidant BLE/CAS No.: 6267-02-3|1,2,4

    Rubber antioxidant BLE is an excellent rubber antioxidant. It is able to greatly improve properties of poly (butadiene-styrene) rubber and nature rubber, including anti-ozone, heat-resistant, antifriction and flexibility, especially used in rubber tire. The recommended dosage is 1-3%.

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    Rubber Antioxidant Tmq by Shanghai Tuhuang Chemical

    Buy high quality Rubber Antioxidant Tmq by Shanghai Tuhuang Chemical. Supplier from China. Product Id 630720.

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    Chemical companies, Rubber accelerator mbt Manufacturer

    chemicals, the company now has assets of 250 million RMB, and can annually produce 50,000 tons of "Torch" brand rubber antioxidant, vulcanizing accelerator Founded in 1953, we company is one of the nation's oldest manufacturers of rubber chemicals. As the designated manufacturer of rubber chemicals, the member unit of China Rubber Industry Association and one of the ...

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    Rubber Antioxidant , Manufacturers Products B2B Marketing

    Rubber Antioxidant TMQ,IPPD,6PPD: Our company is a main supplier of Rubber Chemicals in China. We supply a wide range of accelerators&antioxidant used in rubber industry inculding MBT,MBTS,CB ... Company: Henan Kingway Chemicals Co.Ltd.

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    Acmenox Bl Export Data at Nhava Sheva Sea -

    sri lanka: 14-Jan-2016: nhava sheva sea: 38123020 : rubber chemical-acmenox bls-75 sl 199 antioxidant bls : 300 : KGS : 3.83 : 1150.00 : colombo : sri lanka: 29-Dec-2015: nhava sheva sea: 38123010 : acmenox bls-65 containing 65% of dimethyl acridine buyr's brand: ble 65/bls 65%(code no. ao 6011) 2000 : KGS : 3.31 : 6610.00 : colombo : sri lanka

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    Rubber Chemicals Competitive Cross Reference 8

    CHEMICAL LANXESS SOLUTIA HARWICK CHEMTURA VANDERBILT MISCELLANEOUS PHENOLICS 2,6-Di-t-butyl-p-cresol Antioxidant BHT Vulkanox KB (obs.) Naugard BHT Vanlube PCX Butylated rxn product of p-cresol & dicyclopentadiene Antioxidant 12 Vanox L Wingstay L (Eliokem) Hindered Phenol Antioxidant 32 Hindered Phenol Antioxidant 33 Hindered Phenol ...

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    NanJing ShuGuang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. - NanJing

    Profile: NanJing ShuGuang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of flame retardants and high-polymers.We also deal with a variety of chemical projects. Our products include silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent, antioxidant and rubber chemicals.

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    Antioxidant - baoxu chemical

    Baoxu chemical antioxidants are min99% similar according to IR, over half of our domestic customers use our UV stabilizers as replacement of imports to have a competitive edge. BASF, Songwon, Addivant and Baoxu Chemical Antioxidant Compare. We control batch to batch quality consistency, to further protect our buyers’ interests. We use

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    Home > Products > Rubber Chemical > Antioxidant Antioxidant. All the products are beyond national standard, with daily quality control. ANTIOXIDANT BLE . Antioxidant PAN(A) ANTIOXIDANT TMQ(RD) ANTIOXIDANT IPPD(4... Antioxidant 6PPD(402... Antioxidant PBN(D) RUBBER ANTI DEGRADAN...

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    Rubber Antioxidant Tmq by Henan Jujin Import And Export Co

    Buy high quality Rubber Antioxidant Tmq by Henan Jujin Import And Export Co., Ltd.. Supplier from China. Product Id 154321.

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    Antioxidants & Antidegradants

    • UV-light promotes free radical oxidation of the rubber surface which results in the formation of a film of oxidized rubber on the surface of the product (called as Frosting) . • Heat & Humidity accelerate this process. • Light colored rubber products are more prone to UV-light attack than the black colored products (as

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    • Rubber Antioxidant BLE IUPAC Name: N-cyclohexylcyclohexanamine; propan-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 68412-48-6 Synonyms: EINECS 270-192-0, Acetone diphenylamine condensation products, Diphenylamine, acetone reaction product, CID162214, Acetone, diphenylamine condensation product, LS-123178, 2-Propanone, reaction products with diphenylamine ...

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    XUZHOU LONGFENG CHEMICAL CO., LTD Xuzhou Longfeng Chemical Co., LTD. is a professional production of UCO, Cenosphere, Chloroprene rubber and paraffin wax enterprise. Since 1989 for 20 years history. The company self-supporting import export. Companies pursuing the "people-oriented, user first, honest, trustworthy, quality first" ….

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    rubber processing chemicals, rubber chemical antioxidant, styrenated phenol (sph) predominantly 2,4-di- ** 1000 : KGS : 2.53 : 2528.95 : chittagong : bangladesh: 21-Nov-2016: nhava sheva sea: 38123010 : acmenox bls-65 containing 65% of dimethyl acridine buyr's brand: ble 65/bls 65%(code no. ao 6011) 1000 : KGS : 3.30 : 3295.00 : colombo : sri ...

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    Antioxidants, Antioxidant 300, Antioxidant 1425

    Antioxidant Antioxidants are are man-made or natural substances that inhibits the oxidation of other substances. Scienoc is a professional manufacture & supplier of Antioxidants, mainly includes Antioxidant 300,Antioxidant 1425

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    We provide an access of company details and import export trade statistics by location, size and 10+ filters. Read More. 20,000+ Clients . We have successfully served more than 20 K clients including – Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Logistics Companies, Financial Institutions, Media Agencies and other businesses. ...