rubber chemicals zbec(zbdc) vulcanization accelerator einecs no.238-778-0 in turkey

  • rubber accelerator zbec(dbz,zbdc,ztc)

    Rubber Accelerator ZBEC(DBZ,ZBDC,ZTC)

    Application: Safe-processing secondary accelerator. Can be used as primary in latex. High resistance to hydrolysis, low solubility in rubbers. Fast at higher vulcanisation temperatures. It has longest anti-scorching capability in the dithiocarbamates. Recognised to have low nitrosamine potential Used in sheeting, extrusions and latex.

  • rubber accelerator - zbec powder

    Rubber Accelerator - ZBEC Powder

    ZBEC Powder Description. Zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate. CAS# 14727-36-4. Applications . ZBEC is a safe processing secondary accelerator and can be used as a primary accelerator in latex. Alos suitable for NR,IR, BR, SBR, NBR, HR, EPDM . Pkg. - 25kg bags, 20 bags per pallet . Shipping Point: FOB Dalton GA, Kent OH

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    Sell Rubber Accelerator ZBEC(ZBDC)(id:23730940) from Henan

    Description. Rubber Accelerator ZBEC(ZBDC) Chemical Name:Zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate Molecular Formula:C30H28N2S4Zn Molecular Weight:610.18 CAS NO:14726-36-4

  • zinc dibenzyldithiocarbamate (zbec)


    Accelerator, in the rubber industry, is added with a curing agent to speed the vulcanization. Accelerators contain sulfur and nitrogen like derivatives of benzothiazole and thiocarbanilides. The popular accelerators are sulfenamides (as a delayed-action accelerators), thiazoles, thiuram sulfides, dithocarbamates and guanidines.

  • accelerator zbec, accelerator zbec suppliers

    accelerator zbec, accelerator zbec Suppliers

    Chemical Auxiliary Agent, Rubber Accelerator ZBEC (ZTC, ZBDC) Zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate EPDM CAS NO : 14726-36-4 US $3.00-$4.00 / Kilohertz 1000 Kilohertz (Min Order)

  • vulcanization accelerators

    Vulcanization Accelerators

    An accelerator is defined as a compound that increases the speed of vulcanization and that enables vulcanization to proceed at lower temperature and with greater efficiency. Accelerator also decreases the amount of sulfur needed to cross-link the polydiene, which improves the aging properties of the vulcanized rubber.

  • zinc oxide rubber vulcanization review - the importance

    Zinc oxide Rubber vulcanization Review - The Importance

    ZnO is an essential rubber com- pounding ingredient in vulcanization process. Zinc oxide is used as an acti - vator to speed up the vulcanization pro - cess. The action of accelerators is effec- tive only in the presence of inorganic ac- tivators. The most important and com- monly used inorganic activator in this regard is ZnO.

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    ZBEC(ZBDC) Vulcanization Accelerator EINECS No.238-778-0 US $500.00 - $2000 / Metric Ton

  • zdec rubber accelerator, rubber accelerator zdec suppliers

    zdec rubber accelerator, rubber accelerator zdec suppliers

    zdec rubber accelerator, similar in property that of PZ. Less resistance to scorching than PZ and shows a slight tendency to premature vulcanization. An antioxidant in adhesive systems.

  • vulcanization & accelerators

    Vulcanization & Accelerators

    Vulcanization of rubbers by sulfur alone is an extremely slow and inefficient process. The chemical reaction between sulfur and the Rubber Hydrocarbon occurs mainly aC (doublet the C = bonds ) and each crosslink requires 40 to 55 sulphur atoms (in the absence of accelerator). The process takes around 6 hours at 140°C