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    Rubber Accelerator Vulcanizing Agent Rubber Antioxidant, Comprehensive Accelerators Zinc Dialkyldithiophate Salt, Scorching Retarders, Foaming Agent Desiccant Agent, Activator, Adhesive Agent Pre-Dispersed Rubber Chemicals With SBR As Binder

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    Banned pesticides, such as DDTs, γ-HCH, aldrin and diazinon were found in cereal grain. Chlorpyrifos methyl and pirimiphos methyl were the most frequently detected residues . No residues were found in 77.5% of the samples, 13.75% contained

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    [Contact allergy to epoxy resins plastics based on materials collected by the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine]. PubMed Kieć-Swierczyńska, Marta; Krecisz, Beata 2003-01-01 Of the 5604 patients examined in 1984-2001 for suspected